19 Oct 2016

Would you rather have your business situated on a busy high street or a quiet back alley? For most people it’s a no brainer. You would choose where you would benefit from getting a higher volume of footfall. We believe the same theory applies to your website and implementing a strong SEO campaign is the way forward.

Think about when you are online and are searching for a product or service, how often would you continue onto page 2 of Google? Very rarely. This is why it is so important to appear on page 1 with an organic listing.

Brands that appear on page 1 of Google are considered to be more trustworthy and the major players in their field. A common misconception of organic SEO is that it is time consuming and expensive. However, compared to a PPC campaign it is more beneficial and less costly in the long run. Check it out for yourself.


Long-term solution resulting in high quality leads

Gradual process of improvement

Organic, therefore more trustworthy

Bounce rate from organic traffic is considerably lower than PPC listings

Residual benefits will be seen even when your budget has stopped


Paid advertising - quick fix solution and requires high budget

After set up results are almost instant

Requires a lot of management to ensure budget is not wasted

Google keeps changing PPC costs

Once budget has stopped results also stop

SEO is a reliable, cost effective, long-term solution resulting in the best quality leads. This is why we believe it is worth investing in a strong SEO campaign.