03 Jul 2017

When working for Rockstar Interiors (Miami), our brief was somewhat unusual, but we do love a challenge.

Our customer, David Arcadian requested something that would encapsulate and reflect his personality and the work he produces. As an exquisite bespoke interior designer with a client list that reads like a-who’s-who-of the A list world, we knew that we had a client with a passion and creativity to rival our own.

Having a client with precise tastes and a brief of not creating a “conventional website", the challenge was clear. And much like the interial art that he produces, a picture can paint a thousand words.

David had approached quite a few agencies prior to contacting iCentric, however none of their creations were right for the brand nor harboured David’s ethos.

Our “brief” then developed into an “anti-brief” – compiled of previous websites and things he absolutely didn’t want. We came up with our concept by distilling such a unique proposition into key phrases that helped the team articulate the brand.

To create a site with such a demand on style and quality, we called upon our video production skills to produce a journey into an interior artist and his world.

With video becoming an integral part of many businesses digital marketing, we have seen a huge upturn in demand for this from our clients and we knew the team could create something beautiful and technically superb for this demanding client” – Marc Newstead (Managing Director).

However, using video in such a way was not without it’s challenges, and utilising a Content Delivery Network (CND) enables the smooth streaming of the video from any location. Like many projects there were challenges along the way, such as the autoplay on mobile devices (no easy task on an IOS device – but like we say, we do love a challenge!).

Once we had produced our video - dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s, we showed it to our client, which prompted the response with baited breath…and we certainly received an unusual reply...

20 views later I’ve decided it’s quite brilliant and worthy of my association. You creative bastards!”

With essentially a one page site and very limited text, SEO was another consideration that proved a slightly different challenge for the team. But, if it’s one thing, we know it is how to build website that generate results. Suffice to say David is happy.

You can view Rockstar interior website at http://www.rockstarinteriors.com

By Phoebe Kirk-Fraiser