21 Sep 2017

We’re excited to announce the launch of the well known and loved, iconic brand, Winning Moves, new website!

If you are unfamiliar with Winning Moves as a business you will know their products exceptionally well. From Cluedo to Monopoly and Top Trumps to Trivial Pursuit almost every home has one of these family favourites in a cupboard or drawer somewhere. Although Winning Moves already had an e-commerce site they wanted to improve their online proposition.

We love all the projects we work on but when we were appointed to work for a company that makes a “Game of Thrones Monopoly” really piqued the interest for the game players amongst us.

The creation of the site was a project that was not without it’s technical challenges. The main technical hurdle to overcome was the integration of Linnworks, a multi-channel platform that speculates everything from stock management to selling operations.

Our director Marc Newstead said:

“The major bespoke element of the project was the Linnworks integration, having carried that out we also added a subsite aimed at B-2-B. This B-2-B element is to showcase the custom games that Winning Moves can provide to clients making excellent corporate gifts. We discovered that this feature wasn’t really showcased or marketed, whereas the new website does this through the separate subsite we have created for them.

“In terms of the development, the biggest challenge was ensuring that every technicality, especially with the product integration, ran smoothly and efficiently”

Winning Moves were especially pleased with the iCentric platform that powers the back-end of the site. They wanted to take advantage of iCentric email that allows them to send their email campaigns from inside the platform.

We are always reviewing the sites statistics and since launch early indications show that the site is more engaging and has improved conversion for our client that is pleasing for all concerned.