17 Apr 2018

The iCentric CMS has now evolved to become iCentric Core 2. So what is Core 2 and what's all the fuss about?

We won't bore you with the technical details, we'll give you the headline facts, but before we do, it is worth understanding that iCentric, like many enterprise systems, was built on Microsofts .NET framework.

That framework was branched to become .NET Core back in 2015.
Core 2 is an evolution of .NET Core, with some added features which make the transition from the original .NET framework, to Core 2 a bit easier.

Confused? Perhaps this will help...

Core 2 is now fully open source

Yes, you heard it right! Some of the biggest contributors to Core 2 are technology giants such as Samsung and Qualcomm. This is great news because Core 2 has been designed by businesses for businesses, rather than by Microsoft, for their business.

Core 2 works on Linux and Mac

More fantastic news! Businesses running Core 2 websites and applications no longer need to be tied to Windows servers. Instead, you can opt to host on Linux, Mac or Windows or on a combination.

Core 2 is faster

Compared to classic .NET applications, Core 2 is considerably faster and more lightweight. Some tests on comparable processes showed a twenty-fold speed increase. More speed, for less computing power, means cheaper operating costs.

Core 2 is cheaper to maintain

Core 2, and it's dependency injection design pattern, results in less, but more flexible code. It's simpler and quicker to write in the first instance and there is less liklehood of issues, especially when extending the code or adding features.
Less to write, fewer problems to deal with and simpler to extend with new features all adds up to lower costs .

Core 2 is the future

People will always say that there's nothing wrong with the classic .NET, but in reallity it is already a legacy framework.
Whether it takes one year or five before .NET has gone the same way as the VCR and the pocket watch, the transition has started.

iCENTRIC Core 2 is FREE!

Any new projects will feature iCentric Core 2 at no additional cost. For existing projects, iCentric Core 2 can be obtained free of charge, with only the minor cost of implementation to pay.

Want to know how you can get the amazing iCentric Core 2 CMS?

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