21 June 2018

Don’t Talk Accessibility. Talk Inclusive Design.

By talking accessibility we marginalise the discussion to focus on disability. The truth is that making your digital services accessible benefits everybody.

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03 May 2018

Get enlightened by Core 2

We ask the questions and give you the answers about the new iCentric Core 2

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01 May 2018

iCentric users are incognito

With GDPR and data privacy now in the spotlight, iCentric Core 2 is the first CMS to achieve compliance and genuinely safeguard stored user data.

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17 April 2018

iCentric Core 2

The iCentric CMS has now evolved to become iCentric Core 2. So what is Core 2 and what's all the fuss about?

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04 April 2018

Structured Data

Dull as dishwater but incredibly useful. Increase your organic traffic by 30%

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05 March 2018

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps bridge the gap between websites and traditional mobile applications. This could and should mean that the majority of mobile apps are no longer needed.

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08 January 2018

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an initiative promoted by Google, Bing, Yahoo and Baidu plus a host of social networks, to promote fast mobile pages in areas of low data bandwidth.

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17 October 2017

GDPR is coming are you ready

The new legislation that is governing how organisations collect, manage and use their data is very much in the news at the moment. You may have received emails on the topic of General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) or had conversation with your legal team as to how you will be affected by this.

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12 October 2017

Chatbots - A source of joy, or pure evil?

Whether we like it or not messaging platforms are becoming more a part of our daily life than ever before. They are pretty much the only application that we devote our time to and allow interrupting our day-to-day lives with notifications.

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