About the project

Porsche is one of the most aspirational brands in the world.

As an elite manufacturer of premium performance cars, Porsche have forged a reputation for high quality and high performance road cars through it's racing successes. Consequently, Porsche is protective of it's brand image, which is steeped in heritage, pedigree and history, and selective of it's partners.

The iCentric Agency had the privilege of designing and developing an online system for recording, tracking and managing vehicle repairs and also a means of remotely auditing vehicle workshops, their equipment and technicians.

The project required that our web designers worked within strict brand guidelines to ensure that the brand was properly represented both to Porsche and it's network partners.

The project incorporated SSO (single sign on) to integrate with Porsche's own intranet.

Launched in mid 2014, all repairs to Porsche vehicles via the authorised network, are managed and recorded through the system.

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