Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Google search tends to be all or nothing. You’re either on Google page one and get everything - or you’re not and you get nothing.

SEO is the single best source of high value customers looking to buy your product or service today.

Team iCentric

Our in-house teams combine a unique mix of creative, technical and strategic expertise - making us the long-term partner of choice within fintech, automotive, manufacturing, distribution and the services sector, to name a few.

Complete Transparency

You’ll receive a fully managed design and development service, achieving your business objectives in the shortest possible time-frame, at the least possible cost. And we’ll ensure you have complete oversight every step of the way.

Communicate Collaborate

Our dedicated project managers and directors provide you with all the active project participation you might need, as well as direct communication with designers and developers. This helps ensure a consistent focus on your requirements throughout.

The benefits

Higher Rewards

Google Page One natural rankings receive 90% of traffic searching for your product or service right now.
In contrast, Google Adwords gets 1% or less of the same traffic.

How, What, When?

Using ‘standard’ methods to achieve Google Page One rankings isn’t going to cut it. The only way to accomplish this high-profile degree of search optimisation, is to use a methodology that is both innovative and exclusive. Our cases studied, demonstrate we can definitely help you with that.


For over a decade we have approached SEO as a mathematical problem. After all, it’s a search algorithm that determines the results. We’ve developed a unique system which pinpoints precise SEO actions using our own unique comparison algorithm. Score 90% or greater and you’ll be on Google Page One.

Starting Point

An SEO consultant will start by pinpointing relevant search terms and phrases. Naturally, there’s no point being on Google Page One for phrases nobody is searching for. That’s why our process begins by mapping a detailed search landscape overview - based on a search volume for your products and services - before we target the 'money' phrases your customers are searching for.

Premier League

Once we’ve secured you a top listing, the rewards become measurably and significantly higher. Consumer research indicates that those brands at the very top of a Google search are considered to be ‘mega brands’ - the brands that people trust and want to buy.

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